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2016 To Do List

2016-   1.  Get published 2. Write 2,500 words a month 3. Take more writing classes 4. Continue working paintingView full post »

2015 To Do List

To Do in 2015 Here we go…   1.) Write a book 2.) Take more writing classes 3.) Make more time for art,View full post »

The Impact

My name is Mary Ann Lana and I am I writing to share with you the impact that Lynn and Bill McKernan’s deathView full post »

Daffodil: Fiction

The following is an excerpt to a fictional novel I’m working on for 9-12 year old readers. Would love yourView full post »

Found Poetry

As someone who loves to read, I admit it’s hard to destroy old books. But sometimes what’s found on theView full post »

2014 To Do List

I’m at it again this year. Some things have been carried over from last year’s amazing list and somethingsView full post »

9. Where to Start

I have friends and colleagues who have asked me where to start to improve their family’s health through food. WellView full post »

7. Recipe: Quinoa Salad

We’re having a gluten-free organic Easter dinner this year, and one of the items on the menu is a Quinoa salad IView full post »

6. Smooth Operator

So I think one of the best decisions I’ve made is to include a daily raw, organic smoothie in my diet. I have beenView full post »

5. I’m Feelin’ It

Here I am, starting week 8 of eating organic and gluten free, barring that weekend of gluttony when I over-indulged inView full post »

3. Laziness. Fear. Anger. Guilt.

I DON’T WANNA. After results of blood tests were revealed in January and explained to me by our IntegrativeView full post »

2. A Prologue

Prologue It was early 2011, and Eli was just diagnosed with bone marrow failure after a brief but serious illness. FiveView full post »

1. Introduction

Why we’re changing paths, in a nutshell… Reason Number One: My son Eli has a genetic condition which affectsView full post »


Today I’m inspired by the wise words of Robin Zander and Cheap Trick: You’re mama’s all right You&#View full post »

2013 To Do List

I don’t do resolutions. I do lists. This fills me with anticipation and excitement and the hope of a new day asView full post »

A Party, and Some Papery Wishes

The Party We held my son Eli’s 8th birthday party on December 15th, with about 65 of our closest friends andView full post »

Grandpa and Eli

Grandfathers are just antique little boys.  ~Author Unknown   Grandpa knows a good thing when he sees one! HeView full post »

Avocado and Grilled Corn Salad {A Review of a Pinterest Found Recipe}

I am a huge fan of Pinterest and frequently search there for meals and recipe ideas. Today I thought I’d shareView full post »

Creatively Made Me

I recently took part in an online mixed media class, and our teacher, Jeanne Oliver, asked for feedback about what thisView full post »

Box of Kittens Slideshow and Gallery

For the full story please read: Box of Kittens: A True Story About Wishing    View full post »

My Best Self

I saw a list of Melody’s “very best self” moments along with many other lists as I read my way downView full post »

Box of Kittens: A True Story About Wishing

My life revolves around prayers and wishes. My son Eli, age 7, was born with a rare and life threatening diseaseView full post »

Mixed Media Project

I grabbed a pack of square canvases the last time they were on sale at Michael’s. I haven’t done one ofView full post »

My Little Neurotic Process

Painting and assembling these glass pendant necklaces is my latest love. Each one captures my heart and though I’mView full post »