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Deciding What to wear

what should we wear?

Color Wheel

1.) the eye prefers images in which subjects’ outfits are coordinated, but not “matching” or identical.

2.) layered clothing with varying patterns and textures photograph beautifully. don’t be afraid to pile it on, and don’t shy away from color.

3.) think about your surroundings and how you could work with the existing color scheme; do you want to coordinate or pop?

4.) if you want to pop from the scenery, choose colors “opposite” from scene colors on the color wheel. if you want to coordinate, choose similar colors. to really get the viewer’s eye moving around the picture, accent with little flashes of color here and there.

5.) remember to consider where these pictures will be displayed, and think about the wall colors where you’ll be hanging your beloved portraits.

6.) find a pleasing palette and choose three colors to weave through your family’s outfits. Start with a neutral base like gray, khaki, or denim and then add the colors.

think about adding layers with: 

  • hats
  • scarves
  • long sleeves under short sleeves
  • vests
  • headbands
  • blazers
  • chunky sweaters
  • leggings
  • belts
  • jackets
  • ruffles
  • boot cuffs

Help from the web

 MUST SEE PALLETS – no need to look any further than Design-Seeds. Seriously, she’s a genius.

Source: Design Seeds 

For lovely examples of who gets it right, check out:

Shanna Michelle:

Bre Thurston:

Leah Cook:

And for even more info, along with some helpful shopping hints, checkout:

Kendra Pryor

And: Lacy Davis








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