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Lifestyle Sessions

Family portraits are no longer required to be stiffly posed, have matching shirts, or awkward smiles. While some may still think they look nice on Grandma’s wall, those aren’t the photos that evoke the tearful reaction, “I love this picture!” Call them “True to Life”, “Lifestyle”, or “Photojournalistic”, these sessions are about sneaking in and grabbing moments that define your family.


It can be tough for families to relax when a photographer’s around, but it’s so important to remember the reason why I’m there. To capture your family spending priceless moments together. Let me lead the day and direct you and the kids if needed. Don’t worry about getting kids to smile or sit still, otherwise that worried or annoyed face you’re making will be the one that’s preserved forever 🙂 Just keep smiling I tell every parent, at every session.

During a lifestyle session I will also grab a handful of casually posed shots of your entire family,  several individual portraits of family members, and a couple of just mom and dad. This is where I tell you how to stand, where to look, where to put your hands, and when to smile.

Here are a variety ideas for moments worth capturing, before the kids are grown and the moments are gone…

And a hint: Don’t wait until the day of the session to come up with something to do, and don’t plan on more than two or three activities. Once you have an idea of what you’ll be doing, let me know so I can help you plan and start to prepare for the shoot in my head.

making bead necklaces
building legos/blocks/playing with action figures
leaf piling, playing, throwing
building sand castles
snow man building
kitchen table arts and crafts
board games
cut snowflake making
reading books
making sandwiches
Sundae/parfait bar
making lemonade
cookie baking and decorating
flying kites
tossing beach balls
toys of the imagination {paper towel rolls, paper boats, sheets, boxes, tupperware containers, blankets, etc.}
backyard swing sets and tree houses
hot chocolate making and drinking
campfire and smores
running through the sprinkler
fort building
dress up and make believe
bubble bath time
story time
{insert your idea here}
Sessions start at $225 for 2016, for more details on pricing see: